Moral Rights

Laws give moral rights to both performers and authors in some (but not all) countries. They protect the reputation of the work and the talent. The law gives the talent the right to be identified as the author or performer in certain circumstances and the right to object when their work is treated derogatively – ie in such a manner that prejudices the reputation of the creator or the integrity of the work. In Europe it is impossible to take these rights away from the talent. In the UK these rights can be waived. In the USA these rights do not exist at all presently, though Congress has been considering them.

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Having got here, you may now need more information and support in your fight for fairness. Collective associations are the best place to start.

Although you may feel David to the industry's Goliath, having the backing of trade bodies helps level the playing field.

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Wanna be a whistleblower?

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