Shocking Facts for Directors

Directors are usually required to assign all their rights in the film they have directed, up front, worldwide and in perpetuity. Even in countries such as France, where the law entitles directors to a share of exploitation revenues, less than 3% of these writers and directors ever receive more than their initial fee (source: OPCA Cinema 2015, SACD France).
70% of all European film directors are asked to defer a proportion of their original fees (source: Directors UK).


Less than half a percent of EU market revenues is shared with writers and directors:
In the EU the audiovisual market was valued in 2013 at €122 billion. If you calculate the share of exploitation revenue from the entire EU audiovisual market that goes to directors and screen writers it is less than a third of one percent: 0.37% (source: SAA).


Only a little over one half of one percent of US market revenues is shared with writers and directors:
In the USA the filmed entertainment market (box office, home video and TV subscriptions) was valued in 2017 at US$226.9 billion (source If you calculate the share of this revenue that is paid to screenwriters and directors, under contract via their residuals (collected and paid out by the talent guilds – WGA and DGA), we estimate these two talent groups share just over one half of one percent: 0.58%.

Who can help?

Having got here, you may now need more information and support in your fight for fairness. Collective associations are the best place to start.

Although you may feel David to the industry's Goliath, having the backing of trade bodies helps level the playing field.

Information is power!

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