Shocking Facts for Session Performers

Session musicians and singers are not paid at all when music is streamed!! In many countries (but not the USA) performers are entitled to a royalty when their recordings are broadcast or performed in public. For radio and TV these royalties are shared between the label and all the performers – the featured artist and session player alike. For streaming, however, because the labels have issued direct licences (see Shocking Facts For Featured Recording Artists) NOT ONE PENNY OR CENT of the licence money is shared with the session players.

Who can help?

Having got here, you may now need more information and support in your fight for fairness. Collective associations are the best place to start.

Although you may feel David to the industry's Goliath, having the backing of trade bodies helps level the playing field.

Information is power!

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Wanna be a whistleblower?

Learn about the steps to take and the protections afforded to those who wish to call out wrongdoing.

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