What’s on Fairness Rocks

Entertainment companies have obligations to their shareholders NOT to those who deliver performances, who create the music, the words and images in the first place. Divide and rule has worked for a long time at the talent’s expense. The Spinal Tap creators hope their actions can serve a wider purpose and that you will engage with Fairness Rocks and, together with the existing advocacy groups, we can all work towards building a global network of influence.

On this site are basic guides for the talent in film and music, both authors and performers, including an outline of current contracting (in the Library), basic information about your legal protection, how the business works and links to the various organizations around the world that exist especially to help the talent. Join them if you haven’t already – and these organizations can also direct you to legal help if you need it. But remember, if you need a lawyer, find a specialist. Do not hire the person that helped you buy your apartment or wrote your will. This is difficult stuff. Getting paid is hard enough without also being handicapped by a lawyer who doesn’t know the area.

Who can help?

Having got here, you may now need more information and support in your fight for fairness. Collective associations are the best place to start.

Although you may feel David to the industry's Goliath, having the backing of trade bodies helps level the playing field.

Information is power!

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Wanna be a whistleblower?

Learn about the steps to take and the protections afforded to those who wish to call out wrongdoing.

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