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Date: 7 Sept 2017

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Fair Trade Music

Fair Trade Music (FTM)  http://www.musiccreatorsna.org/


FTM operates under the three watchwords of Ethical, Transparent and Sustainable, which are criteria based upon the findings of the 2014 “Study Concerning Fair Compensation for Music Creators in the Digital Age” commissioned by Music Creators North America (MCNA) and the International Council of Creators of Music (CIAM). The Study made three key findings:

  • Music is undervalued by digital platforms
  • The split of revenues is imbalanced, based in favour of large right owners at the expense of creators and other contributors to the music industry value chain
  • The lack of transparency is licensing deals between right owners and digital platforms leaves creators in the dark about the true situation

Fair Trade Music offers businesses in the music industry an opportunity to operate under Certification of Compliance based upon 7 key established criteria. FTM has the support of more than half a million music creators worldwide and has the tools to enable certificated businesses to celebrate FAIRNESS.