Vivendi seeks dismissal of Spinal Tap’s $400 million lawsuit

Last year, Harry Shearer filed a lawsuit against Vivendi Universal about This is Spinal Tap, a classic 1984 film that started the mockumentary genre that’s continued on to this day. And while there have been plenty of lawsuits against movie studios or record labels, the lawsuit alleged that Shearer and co-creators Christopher Guest and Michael McKean made only $81 in merchandising income in between 1984 and 2006, and soundtrack sales only netted them $98 in between 1989 and 2006. That’s preposterous, and the website Shearer set up, laid out his reasoning, stating that they’d been denied as much as $400 million from Vivendi and StudiooCanalLast month, Guest, Mckean and the film’s director Rob Reiner joined in on the lawsuit.

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