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Harry Shearer (72) is a multi-award winning American actor, political satirist, voice actor, comedian, film director, screenwriter, musician, producer, songwriter, author and radio broadcaster. He started in show business at age 7. His first job was the Jack Benny Radio Program on CBS. He worked as a child actor until entering university at age 15. He acted in two movies as a child: "The Robe" and "Abbot & Costello Go To Mars". He graduated (Phi Beta Kappa) from UCLA in Political Science. He hosts "Le Show" the long-running weekly syndicated public radio, and online, satirical news programme.

Harry produced "The TV Show", where the proto-version of Spinal Tap made its first appearance. He is best known internationally for Spinal Tap and for his longstanding voice acting on The Simpsons (as Mr Burns, Smithers, Ned Flanders and 20 other Simpsons characters). He and his Spinal Tap colleagues have performed at Glastonbury, the Royal Albert Hall and at Live Earth, Wembley in 2009.

Harry is married to Welsh singer/songwriter Judith Owen.

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